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RetroPie Retro SuperPi Gaming System Console

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This home console is a plug and play system for all your Retro Mini gaming needs.

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Preinstalled retro home console built from the Raspberry Pi 3B+ with thousands of games ready to play!


It measures just 133.10 x 110 mm x 29.15 mm, has two SNES style controllers, a power supply and HDMI cable. It has full ‘Safe Shutdown’ support and in game reset via the switch and button on the case. Utilising the power of the Rasperry Pi 3B+ and Retropie – It supports over 50 retro game consoles and has a choice of 128GB or 256GB card all ready to go full of all the best Retro Mini games!

The SuperPi Super Nintendo case is modelled on the Japanse/UK SNES model and measures just 133.10 x 110 mm x 29.15 mm, it is more in the size range of the SNES Mini. On the front are two USB ports to connect gamepads to and on the side is a compartment to access Ethernet and additional USB ports. On the back are connections for power, hdmi and audio. And on the other side is the Micro SD card slot to install your RetroPie with ROMs card on.

The Retroflag case supports ‘Safe Shutdown’ so powering off via the power switch will not corrupt your files. There is also a working reset button which will safely exit the game.

This RetroPie console supports over 50 different retro gaming consoles including systems such as Arcade, Atari 2600 and C64, up to more recent systems including, PlayStation and Nintendo.

The RetroPie bundle comes with two SNES style controllers which match the case design, plug and play.

If you are looking to get into retro gaming emulators and do not want to mess around setting everything up, then this retro game console with games is a must!

2 reviews for RetroPie Retro SuperPi Gaming System Console

  1. Craig Gillon

    I bought this console for my girlfriend’s birthday and its awesome! The service has been great and any questions about the games, and operation have been answered. I would reccomend this to anyone looking at playing all the old games you used for play.

  2. Jack Coombes

    Okay this console is incredible!
    Definitely well worth the money even down to the consoles load up screen!
    If you own one you’ll know.
    People spend the money if you have it I guarantee you will not be dissapoitned!
    I’m in love with this console.
    Thankyou to all at retro mini.

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